About I am Celeb

Program Concept
‘I am Celeb!’
is the broadcast program with the concept of reality sales survival TV show organized with ‘ Becelo ’, which is a smart online beauty application platform composed by Thai influencers, and ‘Bridge Trade (Thailand) Co.,Ltd .’ that fulfills imports and distributes various excellent Korean products to Thai market. This program will be a virtuous cycle like increasing the number of employment (incl. manpower training) and promoting
Thai economy and tourism market consumption. In addition, it will give financial support to some of the vulnerablesectors as CSR.
Furthermore, audiences, who are interested in sales can learn selling skill tips from professional mentors along with
thrilling and fun stories from the program and they also can buy Korean products with special promoted prices.
Sellers participating in the program have a great opportunity to become the best seller of ‘ Becelo ’ and become more
famous, while also winning huge prizes.

1. Increase the Number of Employment

Training Experts & Mining Manpower

2. Market Activation

Promoting Consumption Economy,
Tourism Industry, Trading Industry etc.

3. Social Responsibility

Supporting Some of the
Vulnerable Sectors